Authentic Handmade Native American Jewelry

By Navajo Artisan : Kelvis Josh

Unique classic and traditional southwest designs made of fine sterling silver and quality natural stones.


Kelvis Josh, a Northern Arizona resident, is a Native American from Black Mesa on the Diné Reservation, and is a proud member of the Navajo Nation’s Bitter Water clan.

His upbringing and current ways of life on the reservation has kept him close with his heritage and has enabled him to remain true to his beliefs and his spirituality.

Maintaining a traditional feel of closeness with his family and community is what is most important to Kelvis Josh and what helps him achieve this is expressing himself through his creativity in designing traditional Native American jewelry. Each piece Kelvis Josh designs is unique to itself due to that fact that they are all hand-made individually. Kelvis Josh takes great pride in every piece of artwork that he designs knowing that the proud wearer of his designs will be representing not only his skill and creativity, but his passion and his heritage.